Friday, January 8, 2010

Why it's so difficult?

Why it's hard for me to let him go?
Why it's hard for me to forget all about him?
Why it's hard for me to forget all the damn thing he said to me?
Why it's so hard for me?

Please God....
Only you can bring him back to me
Only you can give my happiness back
Only you can bring back my smile like usuall
Only you God,
Only you...

Please bring him back into my life
And I will make sure that,
I will love him with all my heart
I will not let him down
I will not make him sad or mad and etc

I'm begging you
Please come back into my life
You are now a part of my life
I am nothing without you
I sweare to God that
Only you that i love
No one can replace you in my heart
No one can! No one!

You are always welcome into my heart
When ever you think that
You wanna come back into my life
Just enter the door of my heart
And it will open up for you
Because only you have the key of my door's heart
Nobody else!

Sincerely from me,
Fatin Nabiha Zulkifli

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