Sunday, December 27, 2009

Youuuu ! Dearrr ! Sayanggg ! :(

I miss you so badly you know that sayang?? Please baby, please come back to me. Huhu. I really really need you right now. For your info, I always thinking and dreaming about you. Every seconds, every minutes, every days, you always in my mind. I swear to GOD that i really miss you like fucking shit!! Pleaseee!! Give me some chance to love you again baby, pleaseee!! I can't forget about you. Huhu :(

Please GOD!! I need him back in my life! I felt like nothing without him in my life. Please GOD, I beg you, please give him back to me. I want that date back! 7 December 2009 was the date. Pleaseeeeee!!! :((