Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tips tackle perempuan :)


Mehh mehh.

I wanna teach you how to tackle a girl!

1. Squat dekat tepi jalan, best if you do it where loads of people walk, i.e. bus station, depan 7eleven, etc.
2. Ketatkan bibir, and suck the air hence making that kissing tak ikhlas sound when a girl of your choice passes by.
3. When she turns to look, or happen to look where you are squating, sila cakap seperti yang berikut :

"assalamualaikum, kalau tak jawab dosa, kalau jawab sayang"

So there! Hope this helps!

Oh ohh, this is strictly for those yang tidak ada kerja lain.

By Maria Elena though.

Love it :)