Monday, December 28, 2009

Always about you in my mind


I miss your smile, I miss your laugh, I miss your voice, I miss everything about you. I see your picture everyday and all I can do is smiling and crying alone. I thought we would be together for a long time. You were so sweet and charming with your words that came out from your mouth. But there was something happened between us and I don't know what. When I think about you, I cried and just lying on my bed. I knew that I am over you but I can't forget you and I never will. I want you back in my life and I really love you so. You don't even care and don't even know about that cause you just think about yourself and never think about others feeling. I saw you online the other day and I post some comment to you but you didn't answered it. I felt so sad and disappointed on that time. I guess we'll never be together again like I had wished. I'll never forget about you and the times we had, the places we went, the kisses and the hugs. I don't hate you and I am not pissed. I just miss you so but I guess you'll never know that.

Mood Currently : Smiling outside but deep inside was sadness

Percentage wanna take another guys in my life : 0%

Percentage that I'm so in love with him : 100%

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