Monday, July 20, 2009

Why it is called a wish? Why??

Be a butterfly, spread your wings and whatever life brings, be true to you, be you-nique! Let the lord guide you, to the beauty inside you, and you'll find the joy that you seek.

I Wish, I was a butterfly right now,
wanted to feel the joy, ravishment;it has with in.
A pure "refreshment of joy" it releases every second,
wish i was a butterfly.
Still remember the days running back of it,
in my garden, to hold it in my hands;
to feel the "sense of touch" of a butterfly which cannot be expressed,
u need to just feel :)
need that feel back,
because right now i feel
it was fun until
it wasn't fun because we
lost the fun of fun
and finding again the fun
of the fun of fun wasn't fun.

I wish ,I was a Butterfly.. !

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